Young men and women looking to start a career in commercial fishing are faced with daunting challenges, including high cost of entry, financial risks and limited entry-level opportunities.

These videos featuring the stories of young fishermen highlight the importance of the Young Fishermen’s Development Act (H.R. 2079, S.1323). This bipartisan bill would break down barriers to entry and empower the next generation of commercial fishermen, who are critical to the future of America's fishing communities.

A Future on the Water

Fishing Communities Coalition

“The cost of entering the fisheries has really gone up with so many of the fisheries requiring permits, requiring more expensive machinery, more expensive boats than it used to take to get on the water.”

Hard Tellin’ with Lexie Saxton: Lobsterman

Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association

“I’ve learned that you’ve got to appreciate what you’re doing, and you’ve got to pay for a lot of things.”

 Fishing Families

 Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen's Alliance

“The Young Fishermen’s Development Act puts money back into young fishermen taking classes to learn more about everything from navigation to electronics to the financial part of buying permits. It’s just hard to learn that stuff on the boat -- if I could sit down in classroom and learn, it would be very beneficial.”   


The Alaska Marine Conservation Council

“The most important thing a young person can do is seek out a mentor … that experience will help guide you throughout your fishing career.”